Cx Analytics and Reporting

Helping organizations understand customer wants, needs, and expectations while giving a clearer definition of "customer experience success."

Lack of accurate measurement is a significant obstacle to improving Customer Experience. CRM is a $74B industry designed to measure customer "interactions." We provide the data and analytics to fill the gaps.

The role of the corporate marketer is a tough one. Questions about your promotional campaigns come from all directions – C-level executives, operations, customer service, and of course the front line… They all have good questions. The problem is, the answers often lie deep in databases and getting to the answer has in the past often been agonizingly slow.

"Last week our average NPS dropped to '6' in the Northeast with our top 3 retailers. Can anyone give us the answer before the executive briefing at 3pm today?"
The "6" could be tied to a rebate campaign on a product that has low inventory in that region.
Customers love the product – once they can find it.

Velocity Cx Analytics and SCORE Reporting delivers all of the CEM data in pre-built data views that match various stakeholder needs. The solution delivers hierarchical, longitudinal and alternative scoring data views, with the ability to create new segments, variables and scoring methods on-the-fly. This gives marketers the flexibility they need to support ad hoc analysis in lightning fast time!

Business Information and Insight

Velocity provides a versatile dashboard solution that empowers our clients in making the transition from "Information Consumers" to "Creators of Information" using business data from various sources. This involves not just making the reports easy to use but enabling clients to create and modify the reports as well. Some of the features of Cx Analytics and SCORE Reporting are listed below.

Customized dashboard with ability to do the following:

  • Create and modify reports with drag and drop mechanism
  • Create and change chart types
  • Add/Remove drill down levels
  • Apply chart colors
  • Modify properties

Measurement and Optimization

  • Track multiple KPIs from disparate data sources inside a single dashboard
  • KPIs can be represented as charts, pivots or tables
  • Extensive charting options
  • Dashboards have a variety of layout options
  • Drill down from summary to transactional data
  • No restriction on number of drill down levels

Data and Digital Media Integration

  • Use electronic media to enrich users’ experiences and reach a defined target audience
  • Increase investment returns by embedding advertising, social media, and PR content
  • Embed 3rd party services for ratings, reviews, and surveys just to name a few.
  • Create data export schedules to CRM, customer service, and other core systems

Exception Reporting and Alerts

  • Define thresholds/limits for KPIs
  • Highlight threshold violation as custom colors in charts
  • Send alerts to marketers and/or customer service when exceptions are triggered

Multi-browser & Mobile Support

  • Access reports from any browser including Firefox, Internet Explorer, Apple Safari, etc.
  • Supports iOS and Android based smartphones/tablets
  • HTML 5 compliant