Rebate Campaigns

Don't just make rebates easy – make them GREAT for consumers, your brand, and partners.

Rebates shouldn’t just be easy to submit, they should be great... for your consumers, brand and partners. Rebates can and should be strategic to your marketing objectives. Rebate consumers generate a tremendous amount of intelligence since they shopped, bought, experienced the channel, product, and brand with no intent to return the purchase. The data generated from rebate campaigns is a goldmine for your brand. Let us show you how you can unearth this marketing gold and give your consumers great brand experiences that will help you achieve results faster than ever.

  • Consulting & mentoring
  • Instant campaign set-up
  • Offer design and printing
  • Data capture & validation
  • Fraud control
  • Submission scanning
  • Customer care
  • Web chat
  • Custom messaging
  • Mobile support
  • User driven reporting & analysis
  • Eco-friendly Paperless Options