Cx Platform and Technology

The best technology means Time-to-Market is lickety-split and Time-to-Value faster than ever.

Velocity’s proprietary web-based platforms and back-end systems are enabling marketers to move faster than ever before. Whether their goal is to gain share on the market leader or ensure they stay ahead of the competition, marketers can have their promotional campaigns up and running with all data, analytics and reports in a matter of days, or in some cases a matter of hours.

Quick Launch™

Let’s say it's Monday morning and you're in a meeting discussing how to quickly move product off the shelf at your biggest retail partner in order to make room for your newest product release. With Velocity’s Quick Launch™ tool, you can walk out of that meeting and have a rebate campaign launched and ready for distribution to your retail partner within minutes. It’s that fast.

One Click PDF: Not only can marketers launch rebate campaigns within minutes, but with just "one click" rebate submission forms can be created and ready for immediate posting to brand websites and/or distribution to channel partners. Time-to-Market just doesn't get any faster or easier than that.

Client Web Portal

  • Secure Access System
  • Corporate Policy Management
  • Offer and Promotional Management
  • Social Design, Load and Go Services
  • Comprehensive Downloadable Reporting
  • Submission Status and Empowerment
  • Unlimited Number of Users and Varying Rights Access

Branded Registration Websites

At Velocity, we believe everything should start with customer experience. With this belief in mind, our design and technical teams create, build, host and maintain custom branded registration websites to support your promotion campaigns and drive your brand strategy. Our seasoned in-house development team members are all specialists in their fields. Whether it’s user interface, information architecture or user experience, they carefully think through every step of the customer experience to ensure they are designing a site that is functional and user friendly, giving customers a great brand experience.

We recognize the significance of the customer experience within your promotion campaign registration website; downtime is not an option, and customers need to trust that their personal information is safe and secure. When you partner with Velocity, you can be confident that your branded registration website operates as customers expect.

What Sets Us Apart:

  • Speed to Market: We understand that time is of the essence. Our development teams are all in-house so there is never any waiting on an outside agency. We are experts in promotional campaign builds so you can quickly deploy your branded registration website in a matter of days.
  • Flexibility: We have developed an open-source platform which provides ability to customize your registration site wherever appropriate, from functionality to reporting. Choose from mail-in or paperless submission.
  • Control: We design, build, host and maintain your registration website all under one roof.
  • Easy Integration: Social Media and 3rd Party partners can be seamlessly integrated for high value customer experience and to support organization marketing initiatives.
  • Personalization: All registration websites are designed to mirror client brand. We also design in accordance with CEM Best Practices for consistent messaging.
  • Seamless: All registration websites are designed to include easy navigation to client website for seamless brand experience.
  • Real-Time SCORE Reporting: Users can track, measure and analyze all data points to prove campaign results to both internal stakeholders and retail partners.

Technology and Connectivity

  • Mobile Supported: By 2014, mobile internet usage is expected to outpace desktop usage. We provide mobile supported client web portals and registration websites so you’ll be ready.
  • Enterprise level data storage / custom data exchange framework allows for speed and easy integration with Oracle, SAP and other CRM systems.
  • REST and SOAP-Based Web Services: Our software allows for seamless communication between your systems and ours. With REST and SOAP-based web services, any type of data exchange is possible.

Security and Consumer Safety:

  • Consumer Data Protection: We are dedicated to protecting customer data through a suite of anti-theft programs, including but not limited to penetration tests, viral attack monitoring, and firewalls. We encrypt the transmission of any customer and personal information using SSL and standard encryption methodologies. Access controls are in place so that the encryption algorithm and data are handled by only authorized functions/groups/individuals.
  • Fraud Detection: We have an entire team dedicated to fraud detection, and have developed unique algorithms to help protect your promotion from individuals engaging in deceptive or fraudulent activity.